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Access Configuration from SaaSify

SaaSify platform is integrated with Azure Active Directory and SaaS fulfillment APIs as per the specifications given by Microsoft.

Grab Technical Configuration#

In this section, you will find the required technical configurations to be able publish offers in Partner center.

  1. To begin, you need to click on Providers (1) menu on left menu bar, as highlighted below.

  2. Click on Seller Accounts (2) menu item.

  3. Next, click on the View (3) button for the corresponding seller Accounts.

4.Copy the relevant details

  • Landing Page URL
  • Connection Webhook
  • Azure Active Directory tenant ID
  • Azure Active Directory application ID

Note: Same technical configuration can be used for different offers in the same partner center account. SaaSify will resolve to the correct offer with the offer id at runtime.

Update Partner Center Offer#

If you are creating a transactable offer in Partner Center, you need to fill in technical details for your SaaS offer. If you haven't done this before, refer to (

Update all four values as given in SaaSify portal and click on Save draft.