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Configure Notification


During some specific events you can send out email notifications. Let us explore how you can configure it.

Key Events#

  • Awaiting Pulbisher Approval
  • Subscription Activation Success
  • Subscription Activation Failure
  • Unsubscribe Success
  • Unsubscribe Failed


If you a have dedicated set of users responsible for different cloud providers or offers, you might want to create notification rules accordingly. Context helps you to do that. Using context, you can scope the notification to following:

  • Cloud Provider - Microsoft or AWS
  • Offer / Product
  • Plan / SKU

Configure Notification#

  1. Click on the gear icon on top right, as highlighted below.

  2. Navigate to the NOTIFICATIONS (1) tab.

  3. Click on Add Notification (2).

  1. Select the required Event (1).

  2. Select the required Context Type and Context Value (2).

  3. Once done, Click on Add New Row (3).

  4. Select the Email Recipient Type (4).

  5. Select the User Type (5).

  6. Enter multiple email address separated by commas, if User Type selected is People.

  7. Click on Save (6) to finalize.